Junior Judo Grading Syllabus

If you ask me what belt I am today…I’ll tell you that I’m a white belt that never gave up.” – Jean Jacques Machado.

Try to tell your kids not to worry too much about grading and trying to achieve their next belt. Just remind them that it isn’t about being better than someone else in the class, but just being better than they were yesterday.

For junior students to progress through the grades they must demonstrate to the examiner all the techniques from their previous grades. So, if a student is taking on his or her 7th KYU grade they must also demonstrate 8th KYU ichi, ni and san.

  • 9KYU – For 9th Kyu to 9th Kyu 3 mons, White belt junior
  • 8KYU – For 8th Kyu to 8th Kyu 3 mons, Yellow belt junior
  • 7KYU – For 7th Kyu to 7th Kyu 3 mons, Orange belt junior
  • 6KYU – For 6th Kyu to 6th Kyu 3 mons, Green belt junior
  • 5KYU – For 9th Kyu to 5th Kyu 3 mons, Blue belt junior

We’ll publish information about each grade here soon.