How to Tie Your Judo Belt (Obi)

Tying the Judo belt (known as an ‘Obi’) and getting it to stay put is the bane of many a student’s life. But don’t worry, if your belt doesn’t come undone at least once in class, you’re probably not moving enough 😉

  • Hold the middle of the belt across your navel
  • Wrap the belt twice around your body, with the ends open at the front of your waist about 1 inch below your navel. The ends should be of equal length. Pull the judo belt tightly around your waist, so that it is snug without restricting your movement or causing you discomfort.
  • Take the right end and tuck it behind both lengths of the belt, coming in from the bottom. Pull the right end up above the belt, and continue to hold it with your hand.
  • Do the same for the left end of your judo belt, bringing it underneath the belt and up, eventually holding it up even with the other end.

How about challenging your friends to see who can tie their belt the fastest!

Practices tying your judo belt until you achieve consistent results. You should also learn how to tie your judo belt quickly and efficiently, since it may come loose during a match. Remember that a properly fastened belt should not come loose repeatedly during judo practice.

View a diagram on how to tie your obi