Chief Instructor: Hanshi Mackenzie Smith

Hanshi Mackenzie Smith [ A.I.D.C ] 7th dan International Ju Jitsu, Ju Jutsu Federation. All Japan Martial Arts Federation. International Institute of Self Defence Japan. European Ju Jitsu [Ju Jutsu ] Union. International Budo Council.

Mackenzie, or Ken as he is known, was first graded into martial arts in the 1960’s and has made a lifetime study of Jujitsu ever since – at the age of 34 even acquiring a world record for being the first person to break five 3inch concrete blocks with his bare hand. Ken received his 6th degree black belt within the Nippon Seibukan organisation from Vernon Bell Sensei in 1977 as well as his Senior Teaching Degree from Masafumi Suzuki Sensei, along with much notable input from the late Kenshiro Abbe Sensei – founder of Kyushindo in the UK Today, ‘Ken holds the ranking of 7th Dan and is regarded as “Hanshi”. If Sensei translates as “teacher”…so Hanshi translates as “Teacher of Teachers”. Ken has taught many of the instructors in and around Andover who have now set up and are running their own Martial Arts Clubs / Associations.

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